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Elements of Nature

An Indian Saint, Kabirdasji, has written beautiful poetry (Doha) :

"Even if I have the entire Earth as a paper,
A quill made out of forest woods,
Plenty of ink from the seven oceans,
still, it is impossible to write the glory of God."
​(translated from Hindi)

It made an immense impression leading me to create many paintings. Each painting has a story behind it connected to the following poetry. My "Little book of Sublime Poems Series 1" consists of poetry describing each painting of this series.

A Grass straw :

"Medium : Digital Painting

A grass straw.jpg

A Letter of Grattitude :

Medium : Brush pen on Paper

brush tree 3_edited.jpg

A Brush tree Mossaic :

From two old paintings, I created this digital painting. I merged an Oil painting of a paintbrush tree with another abstract painting. The outcome is an outstanding unique artwork.

tree mossaic PAINTING.jpg

Art Studio :

Medium : Oil Painting on Canvas, Size : 2 x 3 feet

Art Studio.jpg

Wings of Iron :

Medium : Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Size : 80 x 110 cm

wings of iron.jpg
Wings of Iron Poetry
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